We Frequently Drive Several Miles to Engage in Our Sport of Choice, Skiing, And We Arrive at Places Like Andorra, Farmiga, Bauerian, Curler, And Sierra Nevada Pretty Exhausted. This Is Especially True for Residents Who Do Not Have Any of These Stations Close. They Must Consider Alternatives for Where to Go Skiing for A Few Days or Hours. And This Also Occurs in Madrid, The Capital of Spain, where in addition to Having Three Stations in The Central System (Specifically, In The Sierra’s De Multitude Of Distinct And Aylin) Waiting For The Snow Every Year, They Have Also Been Able To Carry Skiing Throughout The Year So That People Do Not Have To Wait Until The Winter Season Because They Can Go In A Short Amount Of Time.



1.1 Navacerrada ski resort

The well-known Puerto de Navacerrada is one of the three alpine ski resorts near me that we mentioned above, this mountain pass is located in the Central System separating the provinces of Madrid and Segovia, in a pass in the Sierra de Guadarrama at an altitude of 1,858 m.

To get to the station we can go by train (there is a railway station in the port) or by car from Madrid since it is 60 kilometers from the capital and 28 kilometers from Segovia, it has become quite an. A classic for Madrid residents during the winter season, although those who live further away also have hotels, residences, and hostels to stay in, as well as restaurants, cafes, and leisure areas around the Puerto de Navacerrada train station.

In addition, you will not need to take your skis from home either, because, in the surroundings of the station, there are equipment rentals, as well as ski and snowboard schools.

As positive aspects of the Navacerrada ski resort, we can highlight the natural environment, since it is surrounded by forests, has excellent views over the two plateaus, has an affordable price for all budgets, and has good access to rail and roads.

But it also has its downside, and that is that intermediate-level skiers are not going to find the optimal intermediate slopes, in addition to other problems such as the lack of snow or the fact that it is separated into two sectors by a road, which makes access difficult for skiers. one track to another. In addition, it is overcrowded on weekends, so it is advisable to avoid these days so as not to suffer long queues in car parks, highways, and accesses.

1.1.1 Ski slopes in Navacerrada

We can divide the Navacerrada ski resort into two areas:

Beginners are in the forest:

 The Showcase, the Telegraph, and the Initiation Tape are three tracks that we find on the side of the road that connects Castillo y León and the Community of Madrid on the N-601 road.

Guarramillas area or ball of the world:

If we go to the other side of the N-601 we come to an area intended for intermediate and advanced skiers if you are expert skier. In addition, this area has the Guarramillas chairlift, a chairlift that gives access to the highest area which is 2179 meters, and from where we can enjoy wonderful views of the two plateaus, and access the red slopes of Guarramillas I and II, two slopes with a chilling slope for the enjoyment of those who love adrenaline, in addition, there is also a blue slope for skiers with an intermediate level called Pala de Monteiro is a track that is very wide and with a fairly moderate slope and which is one of the favorites for skiers who come to this Madrid station, it is true that there have been other tracks but they are in disuse or over the years they have been having stopped using.


Located in the province of La RiojaValdezcaray has
22.6 skiable kilometers distributed
in 6 green slopes, 6 blue, 10 red,
2 black and 2 very difficult yellow itineraries. It also has 3 ski lifts and a maximum elevation
of 2,125 meters.

If you come from Bilbao, for example, you can be skiing in just an hour and a half, and with everything you need: parking, restaurant, ski school, equipment rental, ski storage, game rooms, sun terrace…


In the Cantabrian mountain range, in the province of Burgos, there is also
one of the closest ski resorts: Luanda.

It is a small station, perfect to go with the family or with a
group of friends, with more
than 6 skiable kilometers and 6
ski lifts. It offers the rental of ski and snowboard equipment, snowshoes, mountaineering equipment, and sleds.
And it also has a school, courses for beginners in mountaineering and ski mountaineering

Alto Campo.

A little further away you will find the Alto Campo station, considered
one of the best in the Cantabrian Sea.

This station has more than  27 kilometers of
skiable slopes  of different levels of difficulty: 4 green slopes, 9
blue, 9 red, and 1 long-distance circuit.  In addition to 12 ski lifts,
a 4.4km long-distance circuit, and a snow park.

And if the distance is not a problem when it comes to practicing your favorite sport, you can also go to any of the resorts in the Aragonite Pyrenees, such as Aston, Candanchú, Carless, Farmiga, or Pantyhose; near Lena in Asturias you will find the Pujaris station and in León the San Isidro station. All of them are more than three hours.