Being surrounded by so many canals, bridges, steps, and, most importantly, visitors, getting about Venice Boardwalk is not simple. The city’s limited public transportation options are designed to work with its unique features, particularly the water and its canals. Despite the fact that Venice is a unique city, we are here to describe the modes of transportation available in Venice.

Venice Boardwalk
Venice Boardwalk

How to get around Venice Boardwalk?

4 means of transport to move around Venice

o          1. Amoretto

o          2. Gondolas

o          3. Taxis

o          4. Ferry

  1. Amoretto

These are the local water buses that go through Venice and the nearby islands. There are various lines, but line 1 along the Grand Canal from Saint Mark’s Square to Roma Square is the primary one. All you need to do to identify the amoretti is to seek some yellow docks. Before climbing, the ticket may be purchased just next to the docks. A one-hour amoretto ticket costs 7 euros and is available.

  1. Gondolas

Although being the most well-known, popular, and romantic mode of transportation in Venice Boardwalk, a gondola trip is regrettably not inexpensive. A 40-minute gondola trip across the canals costs roughly 80 euros; at dusk, the cost may increase to 100 euros. The cost is per gondola trip, not per passenger. 80 euros for two people, 80 euros for four people, etc. Romanticism = more people + less money. Your decision. The gondola ride, which is most popular with tourists, is actually the most romantic activity in Venice.

  1. Taxis in Venice Boardwalk

We don’t take them and we’re not going to take them. Imagine the cost of cabs if Venice is pricey! For instance, mention that the cost of a water taxi from the Marco Polo Airport to the city center (13 km away by bus) never falls below €100 (the cost of a bus is €6). If your hotel is far from the Amoretto station, it can be sensible to use a cab if you have wheeled baggage, but think carefully about sharing a vehicle before you get in. Also, you may rent a shuttle from the airport to the hotel to get you to the heart of Venice.

  1. Venice Boardwalk Ferry

This is the ideal solution if your finances don’t allow for gondolas but you’re eager to ride one, and it’s also affordable. These vintage gondolas, used to transport employees across canals in locations without bridges, can take you across for €2. It only functions during the week, and going standing up is common. It’s okay to scratch your gondola itch, but it makes sense to travel with a companion while spending so much money. You may always bring your music, close your eyes, and pretend that you are the only one in the gondola if you want to capture the mood of the romantic private gondola.