Romantic Escapes: Top 10 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia for Couples

An Umrah pilgrimage is a sacred journey for Muslims. They undertake this spiritual trip to please Allah and seek forgiveness. However, pilgrimage brings many other benefits too. For instance, it’s a transformative journey that also affects our relations and bonds with loved ones positively. 

The same works more than a pilgrimage for couples. Since Umrah packages take care of their essentials, they have ample time to focus on Ibadah. Similarly, they also have a chance to spend quality time together and strengthen their faith. In short, pilgrimage transforms their lives and makes them more spiritual. 

So, it’s a great time to capture lifelong memories as well. That’s why, this blog post covers must-try things to experience in Saudi Arabia for couples. Go through them and extend your pilgrimage to strengthen your relationship uniquely.

Things to Do in Saudi Arabia for Couples

Umrah packages make it easier to organize an Umrah pilgrimage with loved ones in a bit different way. For instance, they offer relevant essentials to pilgrims if they want to perform Umrah alone or with family members, kids, citizens, or spouses. 

However, the number of Umrah deal bookings for couples is growing day by day. Even affordable Umrah Package from USA facilitate couples to perform Umrah together. 

This growing interest in Muslim couples has a good reason. For instance, they know that starting their relationship in the name of Allah and performing Umrah rituals together bring spiritual benefits. It also brings divine blessings and helps them understand each other better. 

However, Saudi Arabia is now becoming a prominent travel destination for travelers and visitors. Even couples tend to choose Saudi Arabia to spend quality time together. It’s because the kingdom offers a beautiful romantic escape as well. The regional diversity matches the interests of everyone. 

So, whether you are a pilgrim couple or a visiting couple in Saudi Arabia, try the following activities there for sure.

1. Sunset Dinner at a Luxury Hotel

Want to experience a romantic escape but have limited time during the pilgrimage? No worries, you can still spend quality time with your spouse. In Saudi Arabia, there are many restaurants that serve couples uniquely. They have a luxury setup and offer terrace dining options to couples. 

On the whole, rooftop dining seems a usual experience. However, it’s not right in Saudi Arabia. The time when the sun sets, the surrounding turns into a beautiful view. Delicious dining while seeing the magical sunset is a perfect escape for couples. 

The best part is that you don’t have to plan hard for this. You can have a sunset dinner in the evening whenever you have a free hour.

2. Desert Camping Under Stars

Deserts are not always hurting. They also offer a unique escape from busy life. In the late evenings and nights, the temperature of deserts falls down which gives rise to a cool atmosphere. Therefore, visitors plan family trips to deserts in Saudi Arabia. In turn, the desert offers multiple activities to try there like camping, sand boarding, and camel riding. 

The same works with couples as well. In the night, when you have completed religious goals, plan a short escape to the nearby desert. Under the sky full of stars, experience camping with your partner. It’s also great to engage in stargazing together. No doubt, it’s a memorable experience for couples. 

Since it doesn’t take longer, you can easily save time and relax under the stars.

3. Ride a Camel

Camel riding is another beautiful desert adventure. We all know that a huge portion of Saudi Arabia consists of sand. Some of them also facilitate visitors exploring the desert while on a camel ride. 

So, if you are in a desert in the evening, try camel riding with your partner. With this, you can spot sand dunes from the top, find rare plant species, and see the vast spread of sand everywhere. 

The skillful guides also consider brief stops so that you can have a desert adventure on your feet. If you are looking for a romantic outdoor activity during the pilgrimage, consider camel riding for sure.

4. Take a Traditional Souk Tour

Traditions always seem attractive. Therefore, Saudi Arabia believes in the culture and traditions of early ages. One can easily find a cultural escape in Arabian Souks. Souks are traditional markets in Saudi Arabia that serve people with a classic shopping experience. 

Since shopping is crucial for pilgrims as they have to shop for souvenirs, why not consider Souks for that? Sometimes, we find peace of mind in simplicity rather than in luxury. 

So, if you want to go shopping with your partner, take a look at Souks. The vendors are generous and the products are organic. In short, visiting Souks is like stepping into the past peacefully for couples.

5. Visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia 

Exploring historical facts together with your partner seems an interesting escape from routine. It’s a great way to learn about the culture of Saudi Arabia since ages. And if your partner loves history, you can give an unforgettable surprise to your spouse in Saudi Arabia. 

In this regard, the National Museum of Saudi Arabia is a famous landmark. The museum is central to Riyadh and offers unique details of Arab history. For couples, the calm atmosphere seems romantic, and getting back into the past seems a unique adventure. 

Since Riyadh also has many other must-see tourist places, you can plan a day trip to Riyadh easily. This way, you can explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia as well as the luxury outlook of the city. No doubt, it’s mesmerizing for couples anyway.


6. Spa Day at a Luxury Resort

Living in luxury resorts during the pilgrimage makes a big difference. They provide everything essential to visitors so that they can enjoy their stay in Saudi Arabia. The same goes with pilgrims as well. 

For couples, Umrah packages arrange luxury resorts during the journey. In-room services, tasty dining options, modern amenities, and relaxing Halls add convenience. 

Did you know that you can make your day while in the resort? Well, it’s unique and relaxing and definitely makes your partner feel better as well. Whenever you have an hour or two free, have a Spa treat together. 

Luxury resorts offer a relaxing escape for couples in the form of comfortable and couple-friendly spa rooms, Saunas, and lounges. The spa facilities tend to change for different resorts. So, you can spot it on your own to extend your pilgrimage peacefully.

7. Ride a Boat in Jeddah

Performing an Umrah pilgrimage with your spouse is a unique experience. It creates a win-win situation either way. You can understand better during the pilgrimage and make lifelong memories together. One such experience is raising a boat in Jeddah. 

Since the pilgrimage sites are hot and dry, you can experience a change of pace in Jeddah. Jeddah is famous for its coastal beauty. For couples, it’s a unique experience to try water activities there. 

For instance, boat riding and spotting underwater life attract couples the most. The crowds of visitors travel to Jeddah to spend quality time at Jeddah Corniche. 

So, don’t forget to spend an evening in Jeddah and ride a boat with your spouse. It’s time to get closer to nature and enjoy it at best.

8. Explore Edge of the World

Saudi Arabia offers multiple travel opportunities to pilgrims. After getting free from Umrah rituals, they can visit the kingdom freely. In general, some of them want to explore heritage sites while others love to spot natural beauty. No matter what your preferences are, Saudi Arabia offers a range of attractions to visit. It’s great for a couple pilgrims as well. 

This is a reason affordable Umrah deals like the 12 Nights 4 star Umrah package facilitate couples. They organize private trips to customs places in Saudi Arabia. 

One such attractive place is the edge of the world. An edge of the world is a rising cliff that offers a panoramic view of the surroundings from the top. 

Couples can experience paragliding or camping there and make lifelong memories together.

9. Attend a Traditional Festival 

Saudi Arabia takes care of visitors at best. Organizing cultural festivals every now and then is part of regional hospitality. In festivals, visitors find a variety of dining options, a display of exhibits, sports, and poetry competitions. 

So, if you want to unwind the stress of the whole day, attend a traditional festival in your town. For couples, it’s a great way to spend some quality time and understand the diverse culture of Saudi Arabia in no time. 

Sometimes, you can also spot seasonal festivals or flower festivals in Saudi Arabia which are even more special for couples to enjoy.

10. Taste Authentic Arabic Cuisines

Simplicity brings happiness. It’s easier to experience a romantic escape in Saudi Arabia even trying their local dishes. Though the pilgrimage is a busy journey, couples can take free time and have classic dining there. 

Saudi Arabia is famous for its classic flavor and authentic cuisine. And instead of trying luxury dining at resorts, classic dining brings taste and delight at the same time. 

Both sweet and savory treats of Saudi Arabia are worth your try. So, plan traditional dining with your partner someday and make lifelong memories for sure.