5 very useful websites to organize a trip

useful websites to organize a trip

What are the useful websites to organize a trip? This is probably one of the questions we receive the most since the choice of one or the other can represent the big difference between the result is an unforgettable trip or a great succession of bad memories.

Although there are hundreds of options on the market, in this post we want to leave you with a selection of those that we use regularly and that have been great companions over the years and with which you can organize a trip from start to finish, whether that among all the most important points of details to reserve or take into accounts such as flights, accommodation, transportation, travel insurance, excursions, and tours as well as some extras such as the best travel cards or how to have internet. Let’s start!

1. Skyscanner

This cheap flight search engine is undoubtedly one of the essential websites to organize a trip. With the special feature of having an infinite number of filters and options so that you can find the cheapest flight, Skyscanner is a benchmark when organizing a trip.

Its most special characteristics are:

  • Search by dates: this option allows you to set flexible dates for your trip and thus find which dates are the cheapest to travel. Among the selections you can make are search by « Full month » or « Cheapest month ».
    In addition to these selections, Skyscanner shows you a calendar for the entire month, with the prices indicated on each day, so you don’t have to do endless searches for days, something that greatly facilitates organizing a trip.

Search by Destination – This option is perfect for travelers who are on a fixed budget and don’t care too much about the destination. With this filter, you can select the city of origin and the dates you want to travel but leave the destination as ” any destination “, something that will give you the best options from the cheapest to the most expensive. Perfect to prepare a trip if your budget is tight!

2. Booking, one of the essential websites to organize a trip

Without any doubt, Booking is the best hotel search engine and, at least in our case, the one we use the most to book accommodation on our trips and get cheap travel.
On this page, you will find all kinds of hotels, for all budgets and in all locations you can imagine. We could almost say that if a hotel is not on Booking, it does not exist.
In addition to the great offer, prices are always cheaper than booking with the accommodation itself, since there are contracts through which Booking ensures the best price on the market.
And best of all, it is very easy to use since it includes maps of hotel locations, search filters by price, available services, location, etc., and you can also read guest comments, both positive and negative, something that makes you can have a very complete vision of the hotel you want to book.

3. Airbnb

This is another of our leading websites when organizing a trip. If you are tired of staying in a hotel or you are going to be in a city for several days and you prefer to be in an apartment where you can cook or work, Airbnb is the best option.
From its page, you can filter by destination, dates, prices, and even characteristics of the accommodation such as whether it has parking, air conditioning, swimming pool, elevator… etc.

4. N26, Vivid, and Revolut, other essential websites to prepare for a trip

At this time, more and more travelers prefer to carry as little cash as possible when we travel and we want to avoid paying abusive commissions in exchange agencies or banks.
For this, there is nothing better than choosing to contract some of the best travel cards, with which you can withdraw money from ATMs without paying commissions or paying in any store at the best exchange rate.

We currently use 3 cards, Vivid (our favorite and the best option if you only want to carry one), N26, and Revolut, all of which are free and with which we do not pay any type of commission on any trip.

5. Civitatis, one of the main websites for preparing a trip

More and more travelers are taking tours and excursions on their trips and to have the best options just a click away, there is nothing better than the Civitatis website, the market leader in this type of activity.
With more than 1,400 destinations and 40,000 activities, with them you can do any tour or excursion you have in mind or have dreamed of, as well as of course any of the best free tours in Spanish in Europe, which are currently one of the most recommended activities by travelers from all over the world.