Bangriposi: A Journey into Nature’s Paradise


Bangriposi, a small town in Odisha, India, is surrounded by verdant vegetation and seems untouched by tourists. This sleepy town in the shadow of the Simlipal Hills is a paradise for individuals who love the outdoors and want to get away from the bustle of the city. Visitors to Bangriposi will find a unique and immersive experience in the region’s lush forests, beautiful rivers, and charming combination of tribal culture.

This undiscovered treasure is a must-see for anybody interested in reconnecting with nature and seeing the lesser-known areas of India, as it provides both a tranquil retreat and exciting chances for adventure and cultural enrichment.

Why Bangriposi?

Allure is abundant in Bangriposi. The area’s pristine natural beauty is the first thing that draws people there. Located in the lush Simlipal Hills, the site is a haven for those who appreciate natural beauty since it features unspoiled woods, sparkling rivers, and abundant animals.

Bangriposi, secondly, is a peaceful and restful retreat. It’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the perfect place to relax and recharge amidst the sights and sounds of nature.

Additionally, this undiscovered gem provides a one-of-a-kind cultural encounter. Native peoples of the area warmly welcome tourists, allowing them to experience the region’s diverse cultural heritage fully.

Bangriposi also caters to adventurers by providing many options for trekking, climbing, and exploring the region’s wild landscape.

Bangriposi is appealing because it combines the qualities of a pristine natural paradise, a peaceful retreat, an immersion in indigenous culture, and an adventure playground into one alluring locale.

How To Reach Bangriposi

It’s worth the effort to get to Bangriposi, which requires a mix of driving and taking the train. Listed below are directions:

By Rail: Balasore Railway Station, conveniently close to Bangriposi, connects the town to other important cities in India. Bangriposi is around 70 kilometers from Balasore, and you may get there by cab or bus. The drive from Balasore to Bangriposi on the road takes about two to three hours and passes through beautiful countryside.

By Road:

  1. If traveling from Kolkata, you may take National Highway 16 (NH16) south to Balasore, Odisha, and then continue to Bangriposi (approximately 70 km from Balasore).
  2. You may reach Balasore from Odisha’s capital city of Bhubaneswar by traveling north on National Highway 16. From Balasore, follow the directions given above to go to Bangriposi.
  3. Using long-distance buses, you may also reach Bangriposi from other major cities in Odisha, including Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Those who like public transit have an easy alternative with these buses.

By Air: Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar is the closest major airport to Bangriposi. From the airport, you may take a cab to Balasore and continue to Bangriposi via road, or you can look into alternate modes of transportation, such as buses.

Bangriposi is located in the Simlipal Hills, a stunning natural area that begs to be explored for the tranquil scenery, thriving culture, and exciting activities that await visitors to this hidden gem.

What to See in Bangriposi

Bangriposi, found in the Simlipal Hills of Odisha, is a popular destination for tourists interested in nature, adventure, and the local culture. The following is a list of attractions in Bangriposi:

  1. Simlipal National Park and Tiger Reserve: Bangriposi sits near the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Simlipal National Park, home to varied flora and fauna, including the elusive Bengal tiger. Enjoy the park’s natural splendor on a safari, a hike, or a nature stroll.
  2. Joranda Waterfall: Joranda Waterfall is a breathtaking landmark not far from Bangriposi. The waterfall drops from above, making for a spectacular scene. It’s a beautiful setting for picture shoots and picnics.
  3. Kuliana Indigenous Village: Visit the Kuliana village to experience the region’s vibrant tribal culture. You may meet locals here, watch native dances, and learn about the area’s culture.
  4. Trekking and Hiking: Bangriposi’s surrounding hills are ideal for hikes and treks. Hike through the woods, spot hidden waterfalls, and take in the panorama from one of the many lookout spots.
  5. Deokund: Deokund is a holy site revered for spring water and a temple built in honor of Goddess Ambika. Tourists and pilgrims visit the sacred spring, hoping to receive divine intervention.
  6. Barehipani Waterfall: Barehipani Waterfall is breathtaking despite its location within Simlipal National Park. It’s approximately 1,300 feet tall, making it one of India’s tallest waterfalls.
  7. Nature Walks: Take long strolls through the woods and marvel at the incredible variety of plant and animal life here. Watch for rare orchids and indigenous wildlife as you explore the region’s diverse landscape.

Best Place to Stay

Bangriposi may be off the beaten path and less popular with tourists. However, it still has many great places to stay that will maintain comfort and authenticity.

Some of the most lavish hotels in Bangriposi are listed below.

  1. Nature Camps: Those looking for a rustic getaway can choose from several eco-resorts and nature camps in and around Bangriposi. Cottages or tents are standard accommodations at these campgrounds, allowing guests to feel at one with the stunning landscape. Some places provide safaris and hikes through the wilderness with an expert guide.
  2. Guesthouses: Bangriposi has several inns and motels that provide simple yet serviceable lodging options. You may get to know the people and enjoy genuine hospitality by staying at a guesthouse.
  3. Homestays: If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, consider booking a homestay. Families in the region occasionally welcome visitors into their homes so that they may share a meal and tell them about their culture and way of life.
  4. Forest Rest Houses: Guests can stay in one of several woodland rest homes within Simlipal National Park. These lodges offer visitors a rare opportunity to witness the park’s natural beauty, all the while enjoying the privilege of staying close to it.
  5. Tented Accommodations: Tented lodging is available in several Bangriposi resorts and nature camps, and it’s a great way to get the camping vibe without roughing it. These tents typically include en suite facilities and other contemporary conveniences.
  6. Cottages: Those needing more excellent seclusion and space can choose from a handful of cottage-style hotels in Bangriposi. Cottages like this typically have peaceful settings, such as gardens or riverfront locations.

Outdoor Activities

Moreover, the magnificent environment of Bangriposi provides the perfect backdrop for various adrenaline-pumping outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, hiking and trekking over the lush hills is an exciting way to see the world. Additionally, the area has a wide variety of bird species, making it an excellent place for bird-watching. Furthermore, excursions into the woods unearth secluded pools and rare plants. A visit to the holy Deokund spring is recommended for those seeking enlightenment.

First and foremost, Bangriposi is the perfect starting point for many exciting outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, discover the wild beauty of Simlipal National Park. To capture the enchantment of sunsets, appreciate nature’s peace.