Bring Your Pet on Vacation: 7 Things to Make the Trip Easier

Bring Your Pet on Vacation

Vacations are a great way to explore different locations, sample unique foods, and experience new activities. Taking your pet can ease anxiety during trips. You can also save on the expense of kennel or dog-sitting services.

Bringing your pet on vacation takes preparation. Let’s examine the most crucial things you need for a successful pet-friendly trip.


Prepare the Vehicle

Start by seeing if your automobile is large enough to accommodate your family, pets, and luggage. You may need to find a new Honda for sale to have enough cargo space.

Invest in easy-to-clean floor mats and protective seat covers. Have disposable wipes and extra trash bags handy in the event of accidents. Your pet will be more comfortable traveling if you take them for a drive in the new car a few times before your trip.


Contact the Veterinarian

Your veterinarian will tell you if your pet is healthy enough to travel and has current immunizations. Carry a copy of their immunization records and medications. If you haven’t already done so, have a microchip injected into your pet. If your pet gets lost, the microchip can help you recover them.


Secure Passengers

Keep everyone, including pets, safe in the vehicle. You can either have them ride in a kennel or secure them with a harness and seat belt. Do not place your pet in the truck bed. Your pet could jump out, or debris from the road can come up and strike the animal. Pets should ride in a climate-controlled cabin for their safety.

Don’t forget to engage the child safety locks and power windows to keep your family safe on the road.


Pack Cargo

Load up on toys, snacks, and blankets to keep your pet comfortable when they are in the vehicle or hotel. In addition to food, bedding, and medication, consider packing the following:

  • Bottled water for rest stops
  • Litter box and litter
  • Sunblock
  • Life vest
  • Grooming kit


Plan the Route

Take the time to find animal hospitals along your travel route and destination. Be sure to make sure the hospitals treat your type of animal. You probably will not have difficulty finding a veterinarian to treat your dog or cat. Fewer animal hospitals treat rabbits or ferrets.


Make Reservations

Contact the physical location of your hotel or condominium to understand their pet policy. Most will require a deposit and immunization records. If you are staying with family or friends, have your pet greet the human and animal housemates in a positive environment.


Contact Sightseeing Destinations

Research the pet policies at any sightseeing locations you plan to visit, including trail pet policies. You may arrive at your hiking destination only to find that pets are not welcome on the trails.

Even when you have done your homework, be prepared to adjust your plans. You may need to secure your pet in a kennel in the vehicle with climate control.


Bring Your Pet Along on Vacation With These Tips!

Your friends and family will have great memories when you take your pet on vacation. Don’t be surprised if you and your pet develop an even closer bond.