My Trip to Explore Moving to Waco, Texas

Moving to Waco

I recently took a weekend trip to Waco, Texas, to explore the possibility of moving there. Waco seems like an up-and-coming city with a lot going for it, but I wanted to check it out in person before making any decisions. Here’s a rundown of my experience visiting Waco and my thoughts on making it my new home.

Exploring Downtown Waco

On my first day, I headed to downtown Waco to walk around and get a feel for the city center. Downtown has many historic buildings, small businesses, restaurants, and more. Some of my favorite spots were Waco movers, the Waco Suspension Bridge, Heritage Creamery, and the Riverwalk along the Brazos River.

I also popped into a few local shops like Good Work and Junque in the Trunk. Downtown has a very walkable, friendly vibe. It seems like there’s a growing community focused on supporting small, local businesses. The city also appears to be embracing its history and heritage more and more.

Hitting Up Some Waco Hot Spots

In addition to downtown, Waco has become known for a few iconic hot spots. No trip would be complete without checking out Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market at the Silos. The Silohs offered artisan shopping, delicious food trucks, and gorgeous gardens. I can see why it draws so many visitors each year!

Another must-see is the Dr. Pepper Museum. As the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, Waco takes its soda seriously. The museum was interesting and fun with lots of interactive exhibits and, of course, plenty of tastes of different Dr. Pepper products.

Checking Out the Outdoors and Lake Life

A huge draw of living in Waco would be the proximity to Lake Waco and the Brazos River. I drove around Lake Waco and stopped at some parks along the waterfront. There were many boating opportunities, paddle boarding, Galveston Deep Sea Fishing Charters,  fishing, and more. I also saw signs for hiking and biking trails all around the lake.

The Cameron Park Zoo also looked like an excellent place for an outdoor excursion. And the options aren’t limited to Lake Waco – I passed multiple other lakes and state parks during my drive into town from Dallas. Waco offers easy access to all kinds of outdoor activities.

Eating My Way Through Town

As a passionate foodie, I tried to sample as much local cuisine as possible during my visit. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed! Waco had some delicious dining options.

Some of my favorites were Harvest on the 25th for brunch, Noble Rey Brewing Co. for craft beer and a fantastic burger, and 1424 Crafthouse for the tacos and margaritas. I also had to try classics like George’s and Vitek’s BBQ. The array of dining choices makes me excited about the prospect of living in Waco.

Final Impressions – Could I Call Waco Home?

After exploring for the weekend, I left feeling like Waco has the potential to be an ideal place to live. It has a lot going for it in terms of community, things to do, the outdoors, and places to eat.

The cost of living also looks affordable compared to other cities in Texas. Waco is growing but still has a smaller-town feel to it. Ultimately it seems like a nice in-between of a classic Texas town and an up-and-coming hub.

There are more things I’d need to research before officially deciding to move – job market, neighborhoods, real estate prices, etc. But I could see myself calling Waco home. For now, I’m eager to return and explore more of what the city has to offer!

More Research Needed Before Making My Decision

  • Job opportunities in my field
  • Popular neighborhoods to live in
  • Real estate prices
  • Meeting more locals
  • Looking at specific apartments or houses
  • Considering the proximity to family and friends
  • Comparing cost of living expenses like groceries, utilities, etc.
  • Looking into local resources like libraries, hospitals, parks, etc.

What Factors Are Most Important in My Relocation Decision?


For me, affordability is one of the most significant factors to consider. I’ll want to closely compare Waco’s home prices and living costs to other cities on my list. While it seems very budget-friendly now, I’ll have to dive deeper. Rent prices, gas, groceries, healthcare, and utility costs will all play a role.

Things to Do

While Waco isn’t a vast metropolis, I want to ensure there are enough things to do in my new home city. During my initial visit, Waco scored points with its downtown, unique attractions like the Silos and Dr. Pepper Museum, outdoor options, and restaurants. But I’d need to look further into the arts, culture, entertainment, and nightlife scenes before deciding if I’d be happy there long-term.

Job Market in My Field

This is a big one. While I love what I saw in Waco, it won’t make sense for me to move there unless there are ample job opportunities. I’ll need to look into significant employers there, as well as options for remote work and entrepreneurship. If the job market seems bleak, it would be a dealbreaker for me despite Waco’s charms.

Good Fit for My Lifestyle

Most importantly, I want my new hometown to feel like home truly. As a young professional without kids, I want a place with things to do and people like me. Waco seems diverse with neighborhoods that attract all kinds of folks. Before committing, I’d connect with more locals to get their take on different areas and see if it feels like the right lifestyle fit.

Excited for My Next Trip to Continue Exploring Waco

My first impression is that Waco has terrific potential as my next hometown. But there’s still lots more to learn and explore before making a big commitment, like moving. I’m looking forward to planning another trip soon to dive deeper into neighborhoods, affordability, job options, and more. Get ready, Waco – I have a feeling I’ll be back soon to continue getting to know you!