Pigeon Forge Hotels on the River: Riverside Luxury

Pigeon Forge Hotels on the River

Where peaceful riverbanks meet warm Southern hospitality amid the Great Smoky Mountains. Pigeon Forge Hotels on the River is the ideal destination for those in search of a unique vacation that mixes the peace of nature with luxurious lodgings. The Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites, The Inn on the River, Creekstone Inn, and Margaritaville Island Hotel are the best of the best when it comes to riverfront hotels, and we’re delighted to bring them to you here. Get ready for a trip full of first-class amenities and indelible memories.

Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites

The Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites, located on the scenic banks of the Pigeon River, is a prime example of the harmonious coexistence of luxury and the great outdoors.
This hotel’s spectacular riverbank setting makes it an ideal destination for visitors in search of a restful retreat. Amazing river views can be seen from every accommodation, making this the ideal place to relax and unwind. As soon as you set foot on the verdant grounds, you’ll feel the peace that can only come from being in the presence of nature.

The Inn on the River

At The Inn on the River, we’ve spared no expense in making sure that your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. This riverfront retreat provides a full complement of high-end conveniences to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a hearty breakfast while gazing out at the river as the sun rises. The Inn on the River provides a welcome departure from the mundane with its cozy decor and relaxing atmosphere.

Creekstone Inn

Creekstone Inn is a unique combination of cozy comfort and riverfront beauty, perfect for nature lovers seeking a mountain retreat. This little hideaway is conveniently located near the Pigeon River, so you can enjoy the outdoors in all its glory. The views and sounds of the river will surround you, creating an enchanting ambiance that is ideal for rest and rejuvenation. You can choose to repose in the comfort of your room or the outdoor hot tub.

Margaritaville Island Hotel

Come experience the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement at the Margaritaville Island Hotel. This luxurious hotel sits on the banks of the Little Pigeon River and serves as a starting point for adventures along the water’s edge. There’s no shortage of exciting things to do, from strolling along the riverwalk to diving into an extreme water sport. Sip a tropical drink and take in the enchantment of the riverside scenery as the sun sets behind the gorgeous mountains.

Experience Unparalleled Riverside Bliss

Tranquil riverfronts meeting high standards of comfort and grandeur achieve examples of Pigeon Forge’s riverside hotels. Margaritaville Island Hotel, Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites, The Inn on the River, and Creekstone Inn all reimagine the meaning of hospitality by placing their visitors amid breathtaking natural scenery while providing them with first-rate service and facilities. These hotels provide something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood to kick back and relax or get out and explore.

Plan Your Riverside Getaway Today

Pigeon Forge Hotels on the River are the height of elegance, so don’t pass up the chance to enjoy it. Reserve a room at one of these world-class establishments. Prepare for a vacation full of rest, exploration, and wonderful new experiences. Experience the enchantment of waking up to the river. Feast on exquisite cuisine while gazing at the stars. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Start making plans now for your riverside vacation so that you may live out your wildest riverside fantasies. All of the hotels on the island, including the Arbors at Island Landing Hotel & Suites, the Inn on the River, the Creekstone Inn, and the Margaritaville Island Hotel, are waiting with bated breath to welcome you.