Prepare your Plants for Moving

Prepare your plants for moving

Moving things from apartment to apartment is a stressful event in itself. This is true for people as well as for pets and for plants, which also need preparation for the move. Of course, you can always consult with specialists from moving companies to help you choose the right container for transportation, or order a moving service from them. Either way, you’ll need to prepare your cute indoor garden, and here’s how to do it to minimize plant stress.


Decide in advance which plants you want to take with you. If you move a long distance and change the climate, not all plants can survive in the new conditions, so choose those that adapt best. The ones you cannot take can be gifted to your friends and relatives, or look through the local forum – maybe someone searches for house plants. You can also donate them to a school or a library or try to sell them.

Plant Preparation

Remove dry parts of plants: leaves, stems, flowers. This reduces the risk of pest infestation, and it will be easier for the plant to endure the move. Water the plants moderately, do not allow excess water. If your plant needs to be repotted, do it a few weeks before moving so that the plant has time to establish itself in the new pot and recover.

Preparing Pots

Look for plastic pots with drainage – they are lighter than ceramic pots and more resistant to shock, and they can reduce vibration during transport. It is best to put a layer of polystyrene at the bottom of the pot – this way the roots of the plant will be less damaged.

What to do before moving

Water the plants a few days before the planned date, avoiding overflow. Also, on the day of the move, it is worth covering the plants from above with plastic bags and a film to protect them from wind and temperature changes.

On the day of the move

Make sure the plants are in a separate part of the car so they are less likely to bend or break while driving. Avoid sudden movements, vibrations and shocks on the way.

What to do before after moving

After arriving in your new apartment, unpack the plants as soon as possible and put them in the place where you planned to see them. Once you have done this, water the plants moderately.

Let the plants get used to the new conditions, light and temperature, and carefully monitor the reaction of the plants to the new conditions. Apply fertilizer if necessary and provide additional care. Moving can be stressful for houseplants, so it’s important to prepare them ahead of time and make sure they’re as comfortable as possible in their new home.