Sipiso: Discovering the Hidden Gem of North Sumatra


Located in northern Sumatra, Sipiso is a tiny town in Indonesia. This undiscovered gem is home to some of the area’s most stunning landscapes and natural attractions. There is so much to see and do there, from the beautiful Sipiso-piso waterfall to the breathtaking panorama of Lake Toba. The article focuses on the area’s geography, history, and tourist spots.


Sipiso, North Sumatra, is more than 1,000 meters above sea level in the island’s highlands. Mount Sibayak, an active volcano that last erupted in 1881, towers over the settlement it is located on. The area’s volcanic activity shaped the region’s distinctive scenery of lush woods, fertile agriculture, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Attractions in Sipiso

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Many people believe that the Sipiso-piso waterfall is one of Indonesia’s most stunning natural attractions. However, The waterfall stands at a height of approximately 120 meters and is located roughly 10 kilometres away from the settlement. Moreover, A foggy shower of water pours over a sheer rock wall. Hikers may experience the breathtaking scenery at the waterfall’s base after a short walk.

Lake Toba

As the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba is conveniently close to the town. The lake, flanked by sheer cliffs and verdant trees, was created by a volcanic explosion over 70,000 years ago. Tourists may take a boat ride around the lake or unwind on one of the many beaches surrounding it.

Mount Sibayak

You can find Mount Sibayak, a volcano that is currently active, located near the settlement. Hikers go to the volcano because of the breathtaking vistas it provides. Hikers can follow guides to the top of the volcano for a panoramic picture of the landscape below.


The ancient Batak people who inhabited the area for millennia have left a cultural legacy in Sipiso. The Batak are well-known for their one-of-a-kind traditions, including their music and food. In addition, The numerous traditional villages dotting the countryside give visitors a glimpse into the rich Batak culture.

The Dutch invaded Sumatra in the nineteenth century and grew coffee in the Sipiso region. In addition, The coffee trade developed into a significant economic force in the area, influencing its culture and way of life.

Batak people, Indonesians, and expats from all over the world have all made Sipiso their home, and the town is booming as a result. Visitors may choose from various hotels, restaurants, and shops in this thriving community.

Getting to Sipiso

About eighty kilometres separate Sipiso from Medan, North Sumatra’s capital. Berastagi, a town around 20 kilometres from Medan, is easily accessible by bus or private vehicle. Travellers can take a local bus or cab from Berastagi to Sipiso.


Sipiso is an undiscovered treasure in Indonesia’s North Sumatra highlands. Its natural beauty and cultural diversity are unparalleled, with its gorgeous lake, active volcano, and breathtaking waterfalls. However, Sipiso is a magnificent place that will leave any visitor, hiker, explorer, or nature lover interested and inspired.