Tips for Booking a Hotel on a Budget

Tips for Booking a Hotel

Many seasoned travelers have their hotel booking strategies down pat. Frequent travelers know how to maximize elite status perks and score last-minute deals.

Other travelers have discovered opaque booking sites that offer significant savings in exchange for a bit of uncertainty. But there are still other ways to save big on hotels!

Book Early

Accommodations are one of the most significant travel expenses. So, booking your hotel at the right time can make all the difference in how much you save on your trip. It’s critical to remember that hotel rates depend on supply and demand and might change daily. It implies that flexibility with your dates and destinations is the most incredible way to save money on hotels.

The travel app data shows that hotel rates are at their lowest roughly 15 days before your vacation. However, this only sometimes holds for all destinations and is not valid during busy travel periods like holidays or event weekends.

Another great way to snag a deal on a hotel is to book directly through the hotel. It is because the hotel doesn’t have to pay a commission to a third-party booking service. Plus, the hotel may be more willing to negotiate extras like free parking, breakfast, or a lower rate at their discretion. Additionally, many hotels will match the lowest online rates and provide their direct customers extras like loyalty points or status upgrades. Click here to learn more about hotel rates and discounts.

Book a Room with a View

When you have a destination in mind and know what dates you want to travel, try looking for hotels where fewer people are expected. Prices for hotels will be lower on those days.

You can also find reasonable rates by searching for hotels that offer free cancellations and avoiding ones that require you to pay upfront. This way, if the price goes down in the months before your trip, you can cancel and book at a lower rate.

Another option is to sign up with a hotel rewards program to earn points on hotel stays and other purchases. Many of these programs have a hotel matching program where they will match online rates from other booking search engines. It will help you save even more money on your hotel stay.

It’s always a good idea to ask the hotel about perks that need to be advertised, like complimentary breakfast, parking, or room upgrades. It will save you from having to use a booking site, and they will likely be able to give you a better rate because they don’t have to pass the commission on to the booking engine.

Book a Suite

With flexible work arrangements more common than ever, travelers take advantage of their flexibility to travel more. However, with that comes the need to make intelligent choices when booking hotels, which can eat into any budget.

Luckily, some simple hotel booking tips help you save money on your next getaway!

One way to save money is by booking a suite instead of two separate rooms. Suites are more expensive than regular rooms but offer more space and often include amenities like a pull-out sofa bed.

Another way to save money is by booking during the off-season. It is especially true for high-end hotels, where rates are significantly lower during the off-season.

And finally, savvy travelers can save by using apps to book last-minute deals. These apps allow you to name your price and let the hotel select the room. It is a great way to save money on your hotel stay without sacrificing any of the comforts of home!

Book a Non-Smoking Room

Smoking rooms cost hotels more to clean and maintain because of the extra maintenance required to remove lingering smoke smells and cigarette burns. Plus, guests often complain about the smoky smell. So, many hotels have stopped offering smoking rooms altogether, and even smokers request non-smoking rooms these days.

A recent study found that continuous exposure to third-hand smoke is linked to certain cancers, so it’s worth avoiding smoking rooms. Some hotels even charge a fee for guaranteeing non-smoking rooms.

If a hotel doesn’t offer non-smoking rooms, you can contact the hotel directly to see if they will meet or beat an online rate (usually will since it saves them commission). Or, look for a vacation package where you can book a flight and hotel together. Many big OTAs offer these but they are cheaper than booking the two items separately.

Another tip is always to book a non-refundable room. If the price drops before you check in, you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate.

Book a Room with a Kitchen

A kitchen in the hotel room allows guests to prepare meals and snacks in their rooms. It can save money on restaurant meals and provide greater flexibility for those with dietary restrictions. In addition, a kitchen in a hotel room can make families feel more at home when traveling for business or on vacation.

The price of a hotel room can vary greatly depending on the season, holiday, or special event. Travelers can save significant money on hotel stays by avoiding peak travel times. Hotel prices are often higher on Friday and Saturday nights, holidays, and popular events like concerts or sports games.

Many hotels offer discounts and deals through their own websites and mobile apps. If you are a frequent guest at a particular hotel, consider becoming a loyalty program member to enjoy additional benefits. Some search engines also price-match hotel rates for more considerable savings. Lastly, be sure to factor in additional fees like resort or city taxes when comparing hotel prices. These extra charges can add up quickly.