Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria This Year

Visit Bulgaria

Are you looking for an exciting and unconventional destination for your next adventure? Look no further than Bulgaria! Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria offers a unique blend of stunning landscapes, rich history and culture, lively festivals, and delicious cuisine. In this article, we bring you the top 10 reasons why you should consider visiting Bulgaria this year. From mouth-watering cuisine to world-class winemaking, ancient monasteries to exciting ski resorts, this country has something to offer every traveler. With a travel agency in Bulgaria or solo travel – pack your bags and get ready to explore this hidden gem!

Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgaria offers the opportunity to taste a variety of traditional dishes that are equivalent. They include the typical Bulgarian that you will not taste anywhere else. These include:

  • Banitsa – traditional dish. It is made of kneaded and rolled dough, cheese filling, and eggs. Sometimes it may include spinach or pumpkin. It is ideal for breakfast and will make you crave more. It is usually eaten with ayrian or boza;
  • Shopska salad – taste the freshness of Bulgaria with the iconic Shopska salad – a colorful mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and cheese. This is the perfect refreshing dish on a warm summer day. It is traditionally eaten with rakija;
  • Sip on rakija, the favorite fruit spirit for all Bulgarians. Whether made from plums, grapes, apricots, or other fruits, this strong spirit is deeply rooted in Bulgarian culture and is often consumed during holidays.

There are countless other curious dishes, such as Kapama, Patatnik, and Gouvech, which are prepared according to old recipes handed down from generation to generation.


Explore Bulgaria’s rich wine heritage and indulge in a wine-tasting adventure. The country’s variety of grape varieties yields a wide range of exceptional wines, making it a wine lover’s paradise.

Embark on a wine trek and journey through picturesque vineyards. Visit renowned wineries where you can learn more about the winemaking process, taste fine wines and immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes that define Bulgaria’s wine regions.


Discover the tranquil beauty of Bulgaria’s ancient monasteries, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Marvel at the breathtaking frescoes, intricate architecture, and tranquil atmosphere that surround these spiritual havens. Don’t miss to visit Rila Monastery, Aladzha Monastery, Rozhen Monastery, and Troyan Monastery – they are just a small part of what will captivate you.


The ski resorts in this country are world-class. From Bansko to Borovets and Pamporovo, you’ll find excellent facilities, breathtaking mountain views, and exciting ski runs suitable for all levels of experience. You can also indulge in a SPA while you rest and recover after a long day of skiing.

The Black Sea

Relax on Bulgaria’s stunning Black Sea coast, where golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and bustling seaside towns await. Relax under the sun, enjoy water sports, and sample the freshest seafood. Mussels, horse mackerel, tarama caviar – everything you need to taste when visiting the country.

Cultural festivals

Immerse yourself in Bulgaria’s vibrant cultural scene by visiting one of the many festivals held throughout the year. From traditional music and dance festivals to contemporary art exhibitions, there’s always something to inspire and entertain you. Such is the Pernik Kukeri Festival, which has become famous all over the world. The festival of humor and satire in Gabrovo. Or that of the Rose – the country is the largest producer of oil-bearing rose, known for its priceless qualities.

History and Culture

Immerse yourself in Bulgaria’s fascinating history as you explore ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and well-preserved museums. From the Thracians to the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans, Bulgaria’s past comes alive through its historical treasures.

Affordable prices

Enjoy affordable prices without compromising on quality. From accommodation to food to sightseeing. Take advantage of the various promotions offered by hotels for multiple nights. Visit the museums on specific days when there is no entrance fee. Traveling can be memorable but also profitable.


Bulgaria’s architectural wonders are not one or two. The impressive Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, the medieval fortress of Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo, and the charming Renaissance houses in the picturesque town of Koprivshtitsa are just a few of what will remain forever in your heart.

Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria

Explore the dynamic capital Sofia, where ancient history combines with modern cosmopolitan vibes. Discover archaeological treasures, visit world-class museums, indulge in shopping, and experience the vibrant nightlife Sofia has to offer.

With its varied seasons, exquisite winemaking, UNESCO-listed monasteries, exciting ski resorts, enchanting Black Sea coastline, vibrant cultural festivals, rich history and culture, affordable prices, architectural wonders, and captivating capital Sofia, Bulgaria is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit this remarkable country and create memories that will last a lifetime.