15 Best Things to Do in Alexandria, LA

Things to do in Alexandria, LA

Alexandria, Louisiana, is a great place to visit since it is a growing metropolis in the middle of Louisiana. Alexandria is a popular tourist destination due to its rich historical sites, cultural attractions, and stunning landscapes. This attractive city caters to visitors of all interests, whether history buffs, nature lovers, or those interested in the arts and culture. We hope you like this post on the things to do in Alexandria, LA, which will make your time there memorable.

Discover the History of Alexandria

Start your adventure by learning about Things to Do in Alexandria, LA. The Alexandria Museum of Art houses various ancient and modern art pieces. Visit the Kent Plantation House, an outstanding example of a Creole plantation from the pre-Civil War era of Louisiana. Take advantage of the fascinating look into Louisiana’s past that can be found at the Louisiana History Museum.

Immerse Yourself in Art and Culture

There is a vibrant cultural things to do in Alexandria, LA. Those interested in art should visit the River Oaks Square Arts Center. Explore local art at several galleries and attend a class or presentation. Visit the Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center for a live theater or music night.

Explore the Outdoors

Thanks to the city’s many parks and other green spaces, outdoor enthusiasts will be in hog heaven in Alexandria. Visit the beautiful Alexandria Zoological Park and see animals from around the world while taking a stroll or enjoying a picnic. Take in stunning sights of the Red River as you stroll or ride your bike along the Alexandria Levee Trail. Kisatchie National Forest is a great place to escape it all and reconnect with nature via activities like hiking and camping.

Experience Culinary Delights

Alexandria is a gastronome’s dream, with an incredible variety of restaurants serving delicious cuisine. Tunks Cypress Inn and Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant, both local favorites, serve up delicious Cajun and Creole dishes. Delicious Southern cuisine may be found at Ruby’s Restaurant, a local favorite. The local specialty beignets are to be noticed.

Attnoticedstivals and Events

Attend one of Alexandria’s many festivals to immerse yourself in the city’s exciting culture fully. Arrange your trip to coincide with the Alexandria Mardi Gras and enjoy the city’s famous parades, parties, and cuisine in honor of this holiday. The AlexRiverFête festival lasts several days and has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Engage in Family-Friendly Activities

There is a wide variety of things to do in Alexandria, LA that are suitable for family vacations. Visit the Alexandria Mall for a day of trendy clothing shopping and fun arcade games the whole family may enjoy. The Alexandria Youth & Teen Center is an excellent place for kids and teens of all ages to have fun and make new friends.

Unwind at Local Breweries and Distilleries

Craft beer and spirit lovers will rejoice to hear that Alexandria is home to a growing number of breweries and distilleries. Stop by Huckleberry Brewing Company or Cenla Brewing Company for a taste of some of the best beer in the area. Cane River Distillery produces high-quality rum and whiskey using traditional methods.

Shop for Unique Souvenirs

Visit Alexandria’s quaint boutiques and specialty stores to bring some of the city homes. The Southern Chic Marketplace is where you can get unique jewelry, paintings, and other items inspired by the state of Louisiana. Explore the antiques and collectibles at Riverfront Antique Mall in search of one-of-a-kind souvenirs to remember your vacation by.

Enjoy Live Music and Entertainment

things to do in Alexandria, LA has a thriving music culture, and you should check out a live show at one of the city’s venues. Enjoy live music and try your luck at the casino at the Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel’s Gator Lounge. Spirits Food & Friends is another popular hangout because of its chill vibe and frequent live music.

Indulge in Outdoor Recreation

Alexandria is a fantastic destination if you’re looking for exciting outdoor activities. You may go fishing, boating, or relaxing on the sand at Cotile Lake Recreation Area. Indian Creek Recreation Area is excellent for kayaking or canoeing because of the calm waters. Take a walk through the Louisiana swamps and see the fantastic fauna that lives there.

Learn About Native American Culture

The land around Alexandria is steeped in Native American history. Learn more about the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana and its rich cultural past by visiting the Tunica-Biloxi Cultural and Educational Resources Center. Explore the museum’s antiquities, participate in hands-on displays, and enjoy traditional dance performances.

Visit Historic Plantations

Spend some time in the past in the old plantations in and around Alexandria. Just outside town is Kent House Plantation and Gardens, which recreates a Louisiana plantation from the 19th century. Discover the fascinating history as you wander the carefully conserved gardens.

Explore Nearby Nature Reserves

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time in one of Alexandria’s neighboring parks. Visit the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and spend the day fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. The Alexandria State Forest is another must-see because of its tranquil setting and abundant animals.

Discover the Cenla Wine Trail

The Cenla Wine Trail, a network of vineyards in Central Louisiana, is a must-visit for oenophiles. Get out and try some great wines made from grapes produced in the area on a wine-tasting tour. Louisiana’s wineries each provide their visitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about and enjoy the state’s booming wine industry.

Experience the Local Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Alexandria’s nightlife begins to shine. The Mirror Room is a popular bar with a lively crowd and a great assortment of beverages. Finnegan’s Wake Irish Pub is a great place to kick back with a pint of Guinness and play darts with friends.

things to do in Alexandria, LA, is a treasure that has yet to be discovered. This attractive city has so much to offer, from its rich history and unique culture to its many exciting attractions. In Alexandria, one may explore the city’s rich history and culture to enjoy the outdoors. Now is the time to leave the house, go on an adventure, and learn what makes Louisiana tick.



1. What is the best time to visit Alexandria, LA?

Alexandria, Louisiana, is best visited in the spring and fall when temperatures are mild and various outdoor pursuits may be done without discomfort.

2. Are there any guided tours available in Alexandria?

Yes, tourists to Alexandria may take advantage of a wide range of guided excursions, from those focused on history and environment to those focused on the city’s cuisine.

3. Can I explore Alexandria on a budget?

Absolutely! In addition to its many free museums, parks, and hiking trails, Alexandria is a fantastic vacation spot for those on a tight budget.

4. Are there any family-friendly accommodations in Alexandria?

Hotels in Alexandria provide big rooms, swimming pools, and other amenities perfect for families with children, so the city is a great place to visit with kids.

5. How far is Alexandria from other major cities in Louisiana?

If you plan to see more of Louisiana, you may base yourself in Alexandria, located around 135 miles northwest of Baton Rouge and 210 miles northwest of New Orleans.