15 Best Things to Do in Spokane

Things to Do in Spokane

Spokane, Washington, sometimes known as the “Lilac City,” is a well-kept secret in the Inland Northwest. Spokane, renowned for its magnificent natural beauty, thriving cultural scene, and kind community, has various activities for tourists with various interests. This article will walk you through some of Spokane’s finest things to do, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, historical lover, or art connoisseur.

Discover Riverfront Park: Where Nature Meets Recreation

Riverfront Park is the heart and soul of Spokane. Located downtown along the Spokane River, this expansive park offers many recreational activities for visitors of all ages. From the iconic Spokane Falls to the charming Looff Carrousel, this picturesque park has something for everyone. Whether you take a leisurely walk along the trails, rent a bike, or enjoy a picnic by the river, Riverfront Park is a must-visit destination.

Immerse Yourself in History at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Step back in time and delve into the rich history and culture of the Pacific Northwest at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. This captivating museum showcases diverse artifacts, exhibits, and artwork highlighting the region’s heritage. From Native American artifacts to contemporary artworks, the museum offers a fascinating journey through time.

Unleash Your Inner Artist at the Spokane Art Museum

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Spokane Art Museum is a must. Located in downtown Spokane, this renowned museum boasts an impressive American and regional art collection. From contemporary masterpieces to classic works, the museum’s diverse exhibits provide a captivating experience for art lovers of all tastes.

Explore the Historic Manito Park and Gardens

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Manito Park and Gardens to escape the city’s noise and bustle. This urban sanctuary, over 90 acres, offers beautifully maintained gardens, charming strolling routes, and breathtaking vistas. Manito Park is the ideal spot to unwind and refresh, whether you’re a fan of nature or just looking for a quiet getaway.

Delve into Local History at the Campbell House

A magnificently restored historical home that provides a window into Spokane’s history is called The Campbell House. This marvel of architecture, created in 1898, perfectly captures the luxury and majesty of the early 20th century. The Campbell House offers guided tours that immerse guests in the history of the illustrious Campbell family and the city.

Enjoy a Day of Fun at the Mobius Children’s Museum

The Mobius Children’s Museum is a must-see if you travel to Spokane with kids. This interactive museum provides various engaging hands-on exhibits and activities for young brains. Children will love discovering and learning through play, from science experiments to imaginative play spaces.

Stroll Along the Centennial Trail: A Scenic Pathway

The Centennial Trail allows outdoor enthusiasts to take in Spokane’s scenic surroundings. This picturesque trail, 37 miles long and follows the Spokane River, offers breathtaking vistas and access to several parks and activities. The Centennial Trail is a great way to enjoy Spokane’s outdoor appeal, whether you ride, run or walk.

Indulge in Culinary Delights at the Spokane Farmers Market

The culinary gems available at the Spokane Farmers Market will thrill foodies. This bustling market, located in the heart of Spokane, offers a wide selection of seasonal foods, handmade goods, and fresh fruit. The market is a feast for the senses, from handcrafted cheeses and baked delicacies to locally grown fruits and veggies.

Experience the Thrills of Spokane’s Amusement Parks

Spokane is home to several thrilling amusement parks for thrill-seekers. These amusement parks provide several hours of fun and enjoyment, from exhilarating roller coasters to water slides and funfair games. Whether traveling with family or friends, spending the day at one of Spokane’s theme parks ensures a unique experience.

Shop Till You Drop in Downtown Spokane

With many boutiques, galleries, and specialized stores, downtown Spokane is a shopper’s paradise. You’ll find treasures everywhere, from one-of-a-kind works of art to unique apparel. Enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood, look around the stores, and indulge in retail therapy.

Take a Relaxing Cruise on the Spokane River

Going on a leisurely river cruise lets you see the Spokane River’s splendor from a different angle. Many tour companies provide beautiful boat trips that let you enjoy the breathtaking scenery while taking a leisurely sail. This is an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy Spokane’s natural beauty, whether on a daylight adventure or a romantic sunset cruise.

Catch a Show at the Historic Bing Crosby Theater

Attend a storied Bing Crosby Theatre performance to experience Spokane’s thriving performing arts culture fully. Concerts, plays, and movie screenings are among the many acts in this exquisitely renovated theatre. Enter to be taken back to a time of entertainment and glitz.

Embark on a Wine Tasting Adventure in Spokane Valley

Wine lovers will be thrilled to learn about the vibrant wine culture in Spokane Valley. You may go on a wine-tasting excursion and experience a range of locally produced wines because there are so many wineries and vineyards in the region. For wine enthusiasts, Spokane Valley delivers a pleasant experience with its solid reds and crisp whites.

Discover the Beauty of Mount Spokane State Park

Nature enthusiasts and outdoor explorers will discover heaven at Mount Spokane State Park. This sizable park, which is not far from Spokane, has a variety of recreational opportunities, such as hiking, mountain biking, camping, and animal viewing. Discover the charming pathways, take in the expansive views from the peak, and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Attend Festivals and Events That Showcase Spokane’s Culture

All throughout the year, Spokane celebrates a wide range of festivals and events to honor its thriving culture and sense of community. Everything happens in this vibrant city, from the Lilac Festival to the Spokane County Interstate Fair. Participate in these celebrations to receive a flavor of the local culture, eat delectable food, listen to live music, and make lifelong memories.