5 Recommendations for Traveling by Car

Traveling by car

One of the biggest advantages of buying a car is the freedom it gives you when traveling. Whether you plan to go out with your family, travel with friends, or go solo, we all want to make sure we’re ready to face any mishap and have a comfortable and safe adventure. Therefore, below we give you 5 recommendations for traveling by car.

Prepare your car

It is important that you know how to prepare your car before traveling. You will be away from home for many hours or perhaps days, so you will want to have everything ready in time. Plan at least a month in advance for any unforeseen repairs. Also, be sure to check the following:

● Air conditioning

● Oil

● Tire pressure

●  Spare tires

●  Brakes

●  Seat belts, hoses, and filters

●  Car lights, signs, and cleaning supplies

Prepare yourself

Remember that you should be just as prepared to hit the road as your vehicle. Talk to your family or friends about the intended destination and get a good night’s sleep before the trip, as driving is tiring. In addition, it is important that you check the range of your mobile phone and make sure that you will be able to contact emergency numbers from the place you are traveling to.

Familiarizing yourself with the routes you will be driving will help you have a more enjoyable trip, especially if it is your first time driving a car on the highway. We also recommend you check the weather forecast for your destination and pack what is necessary according to it. Here is a list to guide you:

● First aid kit, to take care of any minor accident.

● Water and snacks, so you won’t make many stops along the way.

● Blankets and pillows, in case the weather is cold or one of your companions wants to sleep.

● Jumper cables and flares.

● Travel brochures and maps.

● Toolkit.

● Traction chains, especially if you plan to travel in winter.

● Waterproof matches.

● CDs, audiobooks, or Bluetooth devices to connect to the car and fight boredom.

Search for hotels in the area and make reservations in advance

If you plan to stop to rest or end your trip at night, make things easier by doing the following:

● Choose a place on the way to your destination to stop and rest. Book a room taking into account if there is a tourist attraction that you want to visit or if you will only spend the night there.

● Plan in advance the location of the hotels in your destination. You’ll save time and gas by not having to drive in and out of places or stop at different hotels to check rates and availability.

● If you wait until you are on the road to reserve a room, be sure to call early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. Most hotels start to fill up in the late afternoon and early evening.

● Look for hotels that have discounts for families or special packages.

Save gas

The price of gasoline is constantly changing, however, we can agree that it is not cheap. One of the most important tips for traveling by car is to make sure you have enough money to fill up the tank during the trip. If you’re looking to save gas wisely, follow these tips:

● Reduces acceleration. For example, when you go from 0 to 100 km/h, reduce the acceleration time to 15 seconds and you can save 30% of gasoline.

● Maintain a moderate speed. If you travel at 90 km/h, you will save about 21% more in gasoline consumption compared to traveling 20 kilometers above.

● Keep the windows closed while traveling at high speeds. Having the windows open has almost the same effect as air conditioning, both of which can reduce gas mileage by up to 10%.

● Avoid driving on rough roads and remove excess weight from your car, as this can reduce gas mileage by 30%.

● Make sure the tires are pressurized to the maximum limit set by the manufacturer.

Stay alert while traveling

The last step to traveling by car safely is to be alert throughout the journey. You are ready to solve any setback during the trip; however, there are other important things to remember while behind the wheel.

● Scan the road for hazards.

● Be wary of cars going too close to you or drivers who drive carelessly.

● Avoid stopping in the middle of the road unless it is an emergency, especially at night.

● Take advantage of rest stops or gas stations to go to the bathroom and stretch.

● Try listening to music or rolling down the car window so you don’t fall asleep.

● If possible, share driving responsibilities to avoid fatigue.

So far we come up with tips for traveling by car! We hope this article has been helpful to you. Remember to take into account all these recommendations to relax, have fun and enjoy your trip without worries.