Things to Do in Merimbula: Unveiling the Coastal Gem

Things to Do in Merimbula

With its alluring beauty and wide range of attractions, Merimbula ensures that everyone will have an unforgettable trip. Merimbula offers a variety of activities, including touring national parks and relaxing by the beach. This seaside jewel in New South Wales has something for everyone, whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or just looking for a relaxed getaway. Pack your luggage and get ready to go through Merimbula’s beauties on a memorable vacation.

Things to Do in Merimbula

Merimbula Seaside Markets: A Shopper’s Paradise

Enjoy the lively atmosphere at the monthly Merimbula Seaside Markets. You may get anything from fresh produce to delicious sweets to one-of-a-kind gifts at these markets. Take a stroll through the market and strike up conversations with the helpful merchants.

Explore the Tropical Marine Life

The Merimbula Aquarium and Wharf Restaurant is a great place to learn about tropical marine life. Explore the depths of the ocean and meet a variety of fish, seals, and other aquatic life. It’s fantastic for marine-loving families and vacationers.

Pambula Merimbula Golf Club: Swing Amidst Nature’s Beauty

Pambula Merimbula Golf Club is a paradise for golfers. Play a round of golf while looking out at the beautiful Sapphire Coast. The difficult course and friendly staff at the clubhouse make for a round of golf you won’t forget any time soon.

Mini Golf Fun for Everyone

Want to have some fun with the kids? Mini-golf courses can be found all across Merimbula, providing fun and challenging courses for golfers of all ages. It’s a fun opportunity to bond with family and friends over a little healthy rivalry.

Sapphire Coast: A Coastal Wonderland

Discover the allure of the Sapphire Coast for yourself and take a dip in its beautiful waters and stroll along its stunning beaches and rocky cliffs. Spend time at one of the numerous beautiful beaches swimming, sunbathing, or just strolling along the sand.

Whale Watching: A Majestic Marine Spectacle

Experience the excitement of a whale-watching excursion out of Merimbula during the migration season. See the majestic humpback whales swimming freely in the ocean. Meeting one of these magnificent animals is an experience you will never forget.

Serenity at Merimbula Lake

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Merimbula Lake is the place to go. Take a stroll along the boardwalk, paddle around in a rented kayak, or just relax and take in the breathtaking scenery. The lake is home to a large variety of birds, making it a great spot for birdwatchers.

Magic Mountain Merimbula: Adventure Awaits

Visit Magic Mountain Merimbula for an exciting day out with the kids. This amusement park is great for young people and oldsters alike because to its exhilarating rides, water slides, and mini-golf.

Ben Boyd National Park: Nature’s Bounty

Ben Boyd National Park is a seaside sanctuary with a wide variety of scenery worth exploring. This national park has some of the best hiking in the country and breathtaking seaside views.

Bega Valley: A Journey into the Heart of Nature

Bega Valley is a beautiful area full with scenic scenery and quaint villages. Visit a dairy farm, sample some cheese, and take a drive through the picturesque countryside.

Mimosa Rocks National Park: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Mimosa Rocks National Park is a great place to experience the great outdoors, with its quiet beaches, craggy headlands, and ancient rock formations. Enjoy the natural splendor of this seaside park as you hike its pathways.

Pinnacles Loop Walking: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

The Pinnacles Loop Walking Trail is a spectacular journey through ancient rock formations and along the Sapphire Coast. Everyone, regardless of age or fitness ability, may enjoy this moderate trek.

Merimbula Boardwalk: A Tranquil Pathway

Take in the sights as you wander along the Merimbula Boardwalk, which passes through some beautiful coastal wetlands. Take in the serene scenery and keep an eye out for the various bird species that make their home here.

Fishing Charter: Cast Your Line

Charter fishing trips are a requirement for anglers. Get out on the open water, throw out a line, and see what kinds of fish you can reel in. It’s thrilling for both experienced fishermen and those who have never fished before.

Golf Courses Galore

Merimbula boasts several top-notch golf courses, each with its unique charm and challenges. From ocean-view courses to courses surrounded by lush forests, golfers are spoiled for choice in this golfer’s paradise.

Eden Killer Whale Museum: A Journey into History

The Killer Whale Museum in Eden is a great place to learn about the interesting history of whaling. Get up close and personal with the bones of “Old Tom,” a notorious killer whale, and learn about the maritime history of the area.

Short Point: Surfing and Beyond

Short Point is a sanctuary for surfers, since it has consistent waves that are ideal for surfing. Even if surfing isn’t your thing, a day at the beach is perfect for a picnic, some beach combing, and some much-needed vitamin D.

School Holidays in Merimbula: Fun-Filled Adventures

Schedule your trip during the school breaks to take advantage of the many events and activities geared toward families. There’s a ton lot do during this period, from art classes to hiking trips.

Embrace Nature at National Parks

The abundance of national parks in close proximity to Merimbula opens up a world of possibilities for outdoor adventurers. These parks provide a meaningful connection to nature, whether via hiking, picnics, or animal viewing.

Merimbula’s Culinary Delights

Savor the varied cuisine and culture of the area. Merimbula’s restaurants and caf├ęs provide a fascinating gastronomic trip, from fresh seafood to gourmet treats.

Unwind at Merimbula Beach

Relax on the fine sands of Merimbula Beach and take a dip in the warm waves of the Pacific. This beach is ideal for both sunbathers and those interested in water sports.

Historic Landmarks: Stories of the Past

Explore the town of Merimbula and its surrounding area by visiting its historic sites. The history and background of each attraction will enrich your trip.

Adventure Awaits: Outdoor Pursuits

Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest in Merimbula, where exciting opportunities waiting around every corner. The natural beauty of this area will wow you whether you’re on foot, two wheels, or in a kayak.

Explore the Local Arts Scene

Explore the many galleries and shows in Merimbula that feature the work of local artists. As a memento of your incredible adventure, bring home a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Sunset Cruises: A Magical Experience

A sail at sunset is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Witness the sky light up as you sail down the shore, and make some unforgettable moments as the sun sets.


With its stunning scenery and abundance of fun things to do, a trip to Merimbula is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. Merimbula offers everything from hiking in nearby national parks to lounging on the beach. This seaside treasure in New South Wales has plenty to offer everyone, whether they’re in search of action, relaxation, or both. Get ready for an adventure you won’t forget as you discover all that Merimbula has to offer.