A Guide to the Best Things to Do in Geelong

Things to Do in Geelong

Geelong, the second-largest city in Victoria, is located along the stunning Corio Bay and Port Phillip Bay coasts. Due to its abundance of landmarks and attractions, Geelong makes a great vacation spot. Whether a person enjoys the outdoors, the arts, or adventure, Geelong has something to offer. The best of Geelong, from its famous gardens to its art galleries to its gorgeous coastal drives, and more, are discussed in this article. It’s time to delve in and learn what makes Geelong so special for visitors and locals alike.

Geelong Botanical Gardens: A Natural Oasis

The Geelong Botanic Gardens are a treasured part of the city. These gardens provide an oasis of calm and natural beauty in the middle of the metropolis. Botanists, photographers, and families in search of tranquility will all find what they’re looking for in this verdant paradise. The rose garden, herb garden, and conservatory are just a few of the specialized parts that make a visit to the Geelong Botanical Gardens so interesting.

Museum of Play and Art: Where Imagination Soars

Families with small children will like the Museum of Play and Art. The museum encourages children’s natural curiosity and imagination by offering a fun and safe place for them to explore and learn. The museum’s interactive displays and interactive installations encourage kids to utilize their imaginations and think creatively. It’s a great location for youngsters to use their imaginations, and grownups can play along, too!

National Wool Museum: Unraveling History

The National Wool Museum is a wonderful place to visit for those interested in history or textiles. This museum does an excellent job of showcasing Geelong’s rich history in the wool trade. The history of wool, its significance to the city of Geelong, and its influence on the world of fashion and design are all explored in the National Wool Museum. Geelong’s rich history is explored and explained through interactive displays and educational exhibitions.

Geelong Gallery: Where Art Comes to Life

The Geelong Gallery is one of the oldest regional art galleries in Australia and is sure to wow any art connoisseur. This prestigious museum has an extensive collection of Australian and European art from a wide range of time periods and genres. The Geelong Gallery showcases a wide range of artwork, from classical canvases to cutting-edge sculptures. Also, the gallery frequently has rotating temporary exhibits, so returning guests may always see something new.

Great Ocean Road: An Iconic Drive

Visiting Geelong without taking a journey down the Great Ocean Road is like missing out on half the experience. This famous route is conveniently located just outside of town, and it boasts spectacular vistas of the ocean, cliffs, and beaches. Taking a road trip down Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, rich with picture ops, beach combing, and awe-inspiring scenery.

Geelong Waterfront: Where Fun Meets Scenic Beauty

Recreational and leisure pursuits in Geelong revolve around the waterfront area. The waterfront is a popular destination, with a variety of restaurants, cafés, playgrounds, and a beautiful promenade for strolling along Corio Bay. The famous Ferris wheel, from which riders can see the entire city and harbor, is also available to tourists. The Geelong Waterfront is a wonderful location for picnics, evening strolls, and watching the sun set.

Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula: Exploring Coastal Charm

The Bellarine Peninsula, just outside the city, has its own unique appeal. This peninsula, easily accessible from Geelong by car, is home to picturesque seaside settlements, vineyards, and scenic lookouts. Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove, for example, are known for their scenic beaches and access to water sports and fishing. If you’re a cyclist looking for a scenic and challenging ride, go no further than the Bellarine Rail Trail.

Family-Friendly Adventures in South Geelong

South Geelong is ideal for families looking for fun things to do together, whether they have kids or not. There are several places for families to enjoy themselves in the area, such as parks, cafés, and playgrounds. Picnics in beautiful natural settings are perfect for families looking to unwind and spend quality time together. It’s also a great place to take the kids because it plays host to a number of fun festivals and events all year long.

Baywalk Bollards: An Artistic Journey

Along the Geelong waterfront, you’ll find the intriguing and one-of-a-kind Baywalk Bollards. Bollards across town have been given a splash of color and a historical makeover to tell the story of Geelong’s storied maritime and industrial heritage. As they take in the sights along the waterfront, they may learn about the city’s past via the medium of art.

Exploring the Beauty of Port Phillip Bay

Geelong is conveniently located on Port Phillip Bay, allowing visitors easy access to the bay’s natural splendor. Marine life may be seen and the immensity of the bay can be appreciated on a boat trip or a stroll along the shore. The calm waters of the bay are ideal for a variety of water sports, including kayaking, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Corio Bay: A Haven for Water Activities

Corio Bay, located near the heart of Geelong, is a haven for swimmers and adrenaline junkies. Jet skiing, windsurfing, and fishing are just a few of the water sports that may be enjoyed in the bay. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Corio Bay and the city skyline from one of the many waterfront parks around the bay.

Victoria’s Second Largest City: A Vibrant Hub

Geelong, the second-largest city in Victoria, is a buzzing metropolis with a wealth of interesting events and festivals, as well as a thriving arts scene and bustling cafés. The city’s restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines, allowing tourists to experience the city’s cultural richness through its food. Geelong’s social calendar is typically jam-packed with exciting activities including as bustling markets, live performances, and community gatherings.


Geelong boasts a plethora of options simply waiting to be explored. The city has something for everyone, from the gorgeous Geelong Botanical Gardens to the fascinating exhibits at the National Wool Museum and Geelong Gallery. Geelong’s magnificent seaside drives, family-friendly activities, and flourishing cultural atmosphere are sure to leave an impact. Pack your bags and head to Geelong for an expedition to the city’s natural beauty and cultural riches.