Things to Do in Montgomery, AL

Things to Do in Montgomery AL

Things to Do in Montgomery AL – The city of Montgomery, Alabama, is full of natural beauty, history, and culture. Montgomery has something to offer everyone, regardless of your interests in history, art, or nature. This article will examine the best activities in Montgomery, Alabama, emphasizing its historical sites, cultural hubs, and outdoor attractions. So let’s dig in and explore this dynamic city’s hidden beauties.


Welcome to Montgomery, the state’s capital and a place famous for playing a crucial part in the Civil Rights Movement. Montgomery, which is located in the center of the Deep South, offers a distinctive fusion of culture, history, and Southern charm. There are plenty of things to do and places to see, whether you live there or are just a guest. Let’s examine the Montgomery attractions that you really must see in more detail.

Historical Overview of Montgomery

Historical Overview of Montgomery

Let’s take time to absorb Montgomery’s rich historical heritage before we get into the specific attractions. Montgomery was a key player in determining how American history turned out since it served as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. From the Selma to Montgomery marches to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, this city has seen momentous occasions that have profoundly impacted the struggle for equality and justice.

Visit the Alabama State Capitol

Alabama State Capitol

Visit the Alabama State Capitol to begin your adventure; it is a magnificent structure that serves as a representation of democracy and history. This stunning piece of architecture served as the Confederacy’s first capital and was where Jefferson Davis was sworn in as its first president. Admire the lovely Greek Revival-style building while exploring the rooms where significant choices were made.

Explore the Civil Rights Memorial Center

Civil Rights Memorial Center

A trip to the Civil Rights Memorial Centre is essential if you want to understand the Civil Rights Movement and how it affected Montgomery. This provocative museum informs visitors about the hardships and accomplishments of the past while paying homage to the movement’s martyrs. Explore the exhibitions that highlight the strength of tenacity and the struggle against discrimination. Things to Do in Montgomery AL.

Discover the Rosa Parks Museum

Without honoring Rosa Parks, the brave lady whose refusal to give up her seat on a bus led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, no trip to Montgomery would be complete. You may find out more about Rosa Parks’ life and the events that took place on that momentous day at the Rosa Parks Museum. Explore a replica bus to see the struggles African Americans went through at the time.

Enjoy the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

A trip to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is a sensory delight for art enthusiasts. Explore the varied collection of works of art that represent various eras and mediums. The museum offers a full experience that will attract art aficionados of all ages, featuring everything from traditional European treasures to modern American art. Don’t miss the gorgeous outdoor sculpture garden and the lovely sculptures. Things to Do in Montgomery AL.

Take a walk along the Montgomery Riverwalk

Montgomery Riverwalk

Take a leisurely stroll down the Montgomery Riverwalk to get away from the city’s bustle. This lovely walk offers peaceful surroundings and picturesque vistas as it follows the Alabama River’s banks. Take in the beauty of nature while breathing in the fresh air and watching the river run. The Riverwalk is a well-liked location for picnicking, riding, and jogging.

Experience the Montgomery Zoo

Montgomery Zoo

A trip to the Montgomery Zoo is essential if you’re traveling with children or just enjoy animals. The zoo offers visitors of all ages a fascinating and instructive experience since it is home to a broad range of animals from all over the world. Visit the many displays, watch the animals being fed, and perhaps even have a chance to talk to some of the friendly animals.

Attend a performance at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is a cultural treasure that theatre lovers should not pass up. This well-known theatre company presents a variety of plays and shows, from timeless Shakespearean plays to modern productions. Immerse yourself in the theatre industry and take in the players and production staff’s extraordinary ability. To reserve a space, review the schedule and purchase your tickets in advance. Things to Do in Montgomery AL.

Visit the Hank Williams Museum

Fans of country music will particularly enjoy a trip to the Hank Williams Museum. This museum is devoted to the life and legacy of the great singer-songwriter Hank Williams and is home to a sizable collection of his instruments, stage attire, and personal items. Explore the displays, take in his timeless music, and learn more about the influence he had on the music business.

Explore the Dexter Parsonage Museum

Visit the Dexter Parsonage Museum, the former residence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his family, to learn more about the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about Dr. King’s life and the fight for equality as you tour his residence. The museum offers a look into this famous person’s private life and serves as a reminder of the difficulties faced at the time.

Discover the Old Alabama Town

Explore the Old Alabama Town, a living history museum that features reconstructed structures from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and travel back in time. Join a guided tour to experience historical homes, stores, and churches while learning about daily life in the past. Learn more about the history of the city and how preservation efforts have helped these buildings endure the test of time.

Enjoy outdoor activities at the Blount Cultural Park

The Blount Cultural Park, a vast green area with a variety of outdoor activities, is a haven for nature lovers. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings by taking a leisurely stroll or bike ride around the park’s picturesque pathways, having a picnic by the lake, or just relaxing. The park also organizes a number of cultural events and festivals all year long, creating a lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Things to Do in Montgomery AL.

Experience the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

The F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum will appeal to those who love literature and Jazz Age culture. This museum honors the life and works of the renowned American author and his wife and is located in their old home. Discover their living spaces, enjoy the artifacts, and learn about their creative contributions to American writing.

Visitors looking for history, culture, and outdoor excursions will find a wealth of opportunities in Montgomery, Alabama. This city has something for everyone, from its crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement to its bustling arts scene and natural beauty. Therefore, Montgomery is certain to create a lasting impact, whether you’re exploring its historical landmarks, immersing yourself in the arts, or enjoying the great outdoors.