What to Expect When Taking a Disneyland Airport Shuttle

Disneyland Airport Shuttle

If you plan on traveling to Southern California for a Disneyland trip, you can get from the airport to your hotel. You can book a shuttle service, use Uber or Lyft, or rent a car.

Several hotels offer free transportation to the Disneyland resort.

Pickup and drop-off times

A private shuttle service is the best way to get from LAX to Disneyland. The companies pick you up from the airport and deliver you to your hotel or resort. These services vary in price depending on your group size and luggage.

Public transportation is another option. Los Angeles County Metro and Orange County Transit Authority run a network of interconnected bus routes in the area. On the OCTA’s website, you can view a list of all available courses.

Many of the hotels in the Anaheim Resort area participate in ART, which provides for-a-fee transportation throughout the city and to nearby attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm. You can visit the Ground Transportation Center on the Arrival Level of the East Parking Structure at John Wayne Airport (SNA) to use this service. If you need more time to book your rideshare, taxis are also available from the airport.


Depending on the type of shuttle you choose, your driver will pick you up from an airport terminal and bring you to a specific location at your hotel. The Disneyland airport shuttle will also make stops to pick up and drop off other guests. It’s a good idea to check the details of your shuttle before you book it, especially when traveling with children.

Many Disneyland hotels offer free airport shuttle service to their guests. If you are staying at a hotel that doesn’t, you can still book a third-party shuttle service in advance or use Uber or Lyft.

Alternatively, you can rent a car from the airport. This will allow you more flexibility and freedom during your trip, but it’s important to factor in the daily rental and parking fees when calculating your budget. For example, renting a car from LAX to Disneyland will pay around $120 for the day plus tax.


If you don’t have a car and are flying to Southern California for Disneyland, several transportation options will be available. You can book a shuttle service in advance, use rideshares, or rent a vehicle. If you choose to book a shuttle, make sure they operate vehicles that meet your number of people and luggage needs.

Shuttle services offer comfortable, well-maintained vehicles to ensure a safe and relaxing ride from the airport to Disneyland. They also provide flexible shuttle schedules to match your travel needs.

Taxis offer door-to-door convenience and can be quicker than a shuttle, especially during busy commute times. However, they can be more expensive depending on your group size and travel time. To minimize the chance of delays, it is best to pre-book your taxi. This will give your driver a clear picture of your flight status and allow them to adjust your pickup time accordingly.


Select the correct destination in your app if you choose a rideshare option. You must enter your hotel’s or resort’s address to get the best price.

Taxis are readily available at the airport but can be costly if traveling during rush hour or with a lot of luggage or people. Parking can be expensive.

To use a rideshare service, check that the company is licensed and insured before booking. Once you’ve landed, look for the LAX-it lot on the lower/arrival level where the rideshares are located (click here for directions). You can also wait under one of the pink LAX Shuttle signs outside baggage claim.